Our Mission

The mission of the South Carolina Stonewall Democrats is to advance equal rights for all people 1) by encouraging gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender (GLBT), and allied people to participate in the political process and 2) by educating the South Carolina Democratic Party, candidates, office holders, and the community-at-large about issues important to the GLBT community.  This mission is carried out through educational projects, voter registration, campaign volunteering, candidate endorsement, legislative lobbying, and coalition-building. 

To achieve this mission, the Organization will work: 

·        To provide information about the political process and encourage members/friends to participate and stay informed.

·        To evaluate candidates and provide volunteers/resources to campaigns of those who are GLBT-supportive.

·        To identify and support qualified, openly GLBT people to run for public office and to seek city, county, and party appointments of qualified, openly GLBT people.

·        To register voters, maximize voter turn-out, and help build the South Carolina State Democratic Party, particularly from the GLBT community.

·        To educate and lobby regarding GLBT issues, legislation, and policies on both the local and state level and build positive relationships with elected officials.

·        To build coalitions with other like-minded organizations for the advancement of social progress and justice for all people.