Dear Friends,  

The past few months have been filled with tremendous progress for the LGBTQ community and our allies across the country.  President Obama's inclusion of our community in his Administration is a good start...we all know we still have a long way to go!  As a community, we must hold our friends, those across the aisle, our colleagues, and yes, the Administration accountable when it comes to the needs specific to the LGBTQ community.  

In South Carolina, we have all struggled with the politics of division and doubt raised by those who claim to speak for the voters of our state.  We are in need of great change in South Carolina and now is the time to step forward and do our part.  Now is the ideal time to get involved!   

As regional elections take place, make your voice heard and your presence known!  Do what may, for you, be the unthinkable, and run for office yourself!  Or get a seat on a Board of Directors of a group important to you and make a difference in your neighborhood.  That is the first step....and a powerful one.  

In the days ahead you will learn of specific ways in which to become involved not only with SC Stonewall Democrats, but the SC Democratic Party.  Take advantage of every opportunity to be a voice of diversity and reason.    

In closing, we are part of a greater organization:  National Stonewall Democrats.  Via that group, we have sisters and brothers across the nation working for full inclusion of our community.  Right now in Maine and in Virginia, the issues of the LGBTQ community are at the fore.  Through your membership and support of SC Stonewall Democrats, you are helping us, and our National organization, make a difference for all!    

If you have not yet renewed your membership, or perhaps you have been wondering if you should....do it today; do it right now!  Almost every week, I am on the phone for conference calls with our chapters across the country, and in every call, we in South Carolina are seen as one of the leading groups making a stand for our community.  

We can't do it with YOU!  

Keith L. Riddle, President

SC Stonewall Democrats